Winter is ’18 …

So what is going on? Well, I am currently spending all my time looking after my son, while we find a new daycare provider for him – which was not really planned as such things rarely are. And then I have to work to earn my part of the daily bread in the evenings and on weekends (courtesy of my local web consultancy firm).

So not much else is going on, because there simply isn’t time. Or energy.

Will more be going on?

I don’t think so. I have looked hard and long at my own business growth plans for 2019, and how much time I have promised to use for my family due to our set-up here at home (my spouse has the steady job,  I have the irregular freelance income – so I pick up our kid and take care of him when ill etc.).

The conclusion is that trying to grow within a narrowly constrained time with my business and taking care of home and child – and starting a new blog with in-depth articles as I originally wanted The Storm Lamp to be … that is just not feasible. Been there, done that. It always crashes and burns. Always too many ambitions, I have.

So better to accept that reality and affirm it now.

Thus, for the foreseeable future, this particular site will exist only like this – and so I can keep my account and ability to easily comment and like others’ blogs. Which I will take time for – now and then.

Whenever I have a little extra time – a few hours here and there – I have decided to reserve that for writing fiction. I have been writing irregularly since, well, early 1990s I guess. Once I wanted to do a Big Novel but gave that up, too. But over the years I have done short stories, and enjoyed it.

I want to spend the last hours every week or month in my current life situation … telling more stories.

I have an old site which is home to this 30-40 odd something bunch of contemporary short stories about my protagonist, Carrie Sawyer – ex-drug addict, restless traveler and mum-in-training. It has languished for long, but not anymore. Well, at least with regard to what I am focusing on …

You see, I’ve had Shade of the Morning Sun since 2011 and I have long wanted to do more with it and since I can’t really make any progress on bigger and newer projects (like this blog was intended to be) it … feels good to add a little brick or two to this, ‘older house’. And nothing more, for now.

In the end it came down to what it always does in life: Priorities.

Some weeks I barely have time to shower and shave because of trying to take care of a home and toddler and then take care of my clients, new and old, at the same time.

That’s not going to get much better even when our son starts daycare again for 20-30 hours per week, because – let’s face it – that’s not much time to grow a business, and definitely not when I have taken primary responsibility for the home-front whenever there is a virus or something else unforeseen, while my spouse makes sure the rent gets paid every month.

So that’s it. For now.

I’d love to hear what you think of my stories, so feel free to check them out.

Until we meet again – stay lit.