The Power of the Past

I was thinking one morning, as I sometimes do, with a vague nostalgia about the time I lived in the second largest city of the country. Over 20 years ago …

We lived three young people in a shared apartment and the days went by with me working in an after school club and then in the evening the two of us sometimes went to the cinema and to events about comics and movies.

It was a strangely laid back, optimistic and fuzzy time, and I think in hindsight it feels better than it was because I think of it as being young without much responsibility or much to care about, and that … is sometimes an alluring time to want to return to.

But, as always, there is a catch.

The danger of nostalgia

Sure, those were happy carefree times in many ways. But now – 20 years after – I have a great many things in my life that I did not have then. And I am not talking about material things.

For a side from a larger credit account in the bank and a student loan I am almost as rich – or as poor – as I was back then.

I have not been able to earn money at any significant level, mostly because half the time since 1995 I was a student or I was ill or I was traveling, but also because I chose to look for very specific jobs that felt compatible with my creative interests and idealism.

Needless to say, those jobs don’t grow on trees.

But I digress … for I wanted to say that I have so much in my life today that I wish I had had back then.

I have so much in fact that that makes my age as well as my receding hair line worth it.

Here is the most valuable thing I have …
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