We Are Not Born As Saints, We Grow Into Them

Sophie Scholl …

Don’t know her? Well, let me tell you a story:

Germany actually had a resistance movement against Nazism during World War II – The White Rose, as they called themselves.

They were young, idealistic, and they of course got caught and executed, but not until they had put out an immense number of illegal leaflets calling upon Germany to refuse the yolk of the Nazis and Hitler.

One of the White Rose’s most well-known members was the student Sophie Scholl (1921-1943) who is a Big inspiration for me, and has been for many years.

How a bunch of rebel student philosophers inspired this blog

A quirky little aside about their all-too-brief careers resisting Nazism was that the White Rose members published a personal newsletter of sorts called Windlicht – The Storm Lamp – in which they wrote each other essays about life, the universe and everything. In short:

A lot of the dreams and free-think that was so discouraged during Hitler’s regime was put into that tiny newsletter.

So it is fitting that the first post should be about Sophie and The White Rose – and more specifically one of the themes that I connect with them especially:

What it takes for us to make something of our lives – something valuable?

And whether or not it is all in the eye of the beholder, any sort of lasting fame.

And whether the kind of ‘black or white’ fame usually connected with Sophie and other resistance fighters is something worth striving for anyway – if you think about it.

Yeah, those kinds of questions. Continue reading “We Are Not Born As Saints, We Grow Into Them”