How to Get More Time for Writing

I have had a site since 2009 with novellas. Originally I wanted it to be a novel, but while trying for years I could never do it. It was not the first failed attempt at writing a novel, nor would it be the last.

However, this story spawned a lot of short stories – novellas.

And for that I am glad.

The original novel died, but instead something else was born.

However, I feel in too deep at the moment with work and family and so my other creative projects and future plans in general are … memories only.

Including my plans for more novellas.

I want to write more – but when?

Sometimes memories are all you have time and energy for, instead of creation of new realities. Despite what the gurus say you can and should do.

Sometimes that is just reality.  For whatever reasons.

But I would like to start writing again – more novellas.

So how to do it, when there seems to be so little time?

Here are 3 thoughts …

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