One Step Closer

We’ve been having a blast of an Easter holiday with a nasty cold and cough, going on for about a week-and-a-half now. It started with my almost 2-year old son, Jay, catching it, then myself and then my girlfriend. So it hasn’t exactly been happy our in our suburban two-roomer, but we’ve done our best.

Latest short story – “One Step Closer” – is finally finished, though. It clocked in at about 8450 words. I’m pretty satisfied with it, although it could need more polishing (ain’t that always the case).

I was in doubt until the last moment if Carrie would take the money she was offered by this Scientology-offshoot organisation if they could use her as poster child for their ‘surprise charity programs’. The ending I came up with took about 3 days to figure out but I feel it works. It also opens up for a sequel, but I might save that for later. Right now I feel more like diving into 90s nostalgia and writing another story about her teenage years at Cuyahoga High in Cleveland and her tense friendship with the goth-girl author-wanna be, Lin Cristakis, who later kills herself – an event which sends Carrie into a deep personal crisis which she has never really recovered from.

I usually find a piece of inspirational music and some other contemporary pop culture-references for my stories and it just feels like it could be fun going back to the 1990s again. We’ll see.

You’ll be the first to know what happens! 🙂

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