So if you had a 100K …

Jay, our resident toddler, has now been ill more than half the time since he started in the new daycare center in early January, so I’m still not free to work as much as I’d like in the webshop factory to put it mildly, but we’re getting by on my girlfriend’s salary. And chin ups.

Write rep: I’ve written about 2000 words on the next short story . Since early Feb.

Its plot is probably a bit more of a Freudian slip than I’d like, since it’s about a rich guy offering Carrie 100,000 dollars, no strings attached apparently – if she’ll finally just go out there and do her dream work, whatever it is: For the local refugee NGO that never has money, draw that graphic novel she always talks about, whatever she likes. And then quit her steady job as a cleaning lady (which she hates).

The only catch, as Carrie sees it, is serious enough for her: The guy is the ex boyfriend of her difficult mum. And he has some, to Carrie, weird slightly cult-ish spiritual leanings (which have prompted him to this initiative in the first place). And he is the ex boyfriend of her difficult mum.

If you want to read the first part it is here (password: read). Comments can be dropped here, if any.

So … what would you do if you magically had a 100K dollars and worked a job you hated? Quit, yes – and look for a new job?

But how much time would you give yourself to do … something or other you have always postponed? And what would it be?

There’s still mortgage, kids and all the other stuff – if you have it.

Not sure what I would do, so I guess that’s why I’m asking. Then I don’t have to think too much about it 😉

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